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Voice Self-Service for your growing business needs


Service Usage (3)
Signup No Charge
Hosting No Charge during trial
$99 minimum for production
Inbound DID Minutes (1) $0.03
Inbound Toll-Free Minutes (1) $0.04
Outbound minutes (1) $0.03
Ringless minutes (1) $0.045
SMS $0.02 / Message
SMS from Short Code $0.03 / Message
Local DID Numbers $3.00 / Month
Toll Free Numbers $5.00 / Month
Short Code Keyword $15.00 / Month
Premium Answering Machine Detection (2) $0.004 / Minute
Premium Text-to-Speech (2) $0.015 / Minute
Premium Speech Recognition (2) $0.02
Premium Speech Services Package including AMD/TTS/ASR (2) $0.035
Number Porting $20 / Number


  1. Inbound and outbound minutes are rounded up to the nearest minute.
  2. The charge is in addition to the standard call rate. Applications that require Voice Recognition, Text-To-Speech or Answering Machine detection will be billed the additional charge whether the functionality is invoked or not.
  3. Accounts are billed in realtime based on the usage. Each account is setup with a configurable replenishment amount. On the 1st of each month any monthly charges for Local DID Numbers, or Toll Free Numbers will be charged independently.